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Smiling Improves Your Health

Smiling is commonly associated with happiness, an almost involuntary facial expression that occurs when you feel joy. But a smile will also affect your brain and your health to help induce this feeling of happiness too.

If you feel dissatisfied with the way that your teeth and gums look, you can feel less inclined to smile. And this can become detrimental to your overall well-being.

But your dentist can assist you in accomplishing your smile aesthetic goals when you schedule a cosmetic dental consultation. Read on to learn how the act of smiling positively impacts your health and how you can feel proud of the appearance of your smile.

smile enhancement treatment with cosmetic dentist

Health Benefits from Smiling

To smile, you flex the muscles on either side of your mouth, lifting the lips upward, and you also contract muscles in the outer corner of the eyes. These muscle movements will trigger a response in your brain that will release molecules called neurotransmitters that affect your mood.

One of these molecules, dopamine, will make you feel relaxed and reduce overall stress, which can lower your blood pressure. Another one, endorphins, are known to relieve pain naturally. And serotonin works to improve your mood.

So you can see all of these enhancements when it comes to mental health without worrying about additional side effects. Health experts agree that smiling can rejuvenate your perspective and help you have a better day.

How to Boost Confidence in Your Smile

Smiling can come more easily when you have a smile that you feel proud of. Pearly white and straight teeth can improve satisfaction with your appearance, making you more likely to show them off by smiling.

If you notice aesthetic concerns in your smile that make you feel unhappy about the way it looks, you can talk to your dentist to find smile enhancement solutions. They will use a personalized approach to find cosmetic dental treatments that will give you a smile you look forward to showing off. And they will accomplish this in a way that will not compromise your oral health.

Depending on your desired results, your dentist can offer a number of different treatments. They can brighten your tooth color with professional teeth whitening. You can choose from in-office or take-home options according to your preference and flexibility.

Teeth bonding provides an affordable way to get a straighter, more even, and whiter smile. But you can see long-lasting and durable smile enhancement with porcelain veneers. These custom shells attach to teeth to construct a brighter, fuller, and more aligned smile per your cosmetic goals.

When you pursue cosmetic dental treatment, your dentist will ensure your smile is healthy first. You can better maintain smile enhancement when you take proper care of your oral health. Ask your dentist about best practices when it comes to in-office preventative care at at-home oral hygiene. To schedule your appointment, contact your Hampstead, NC dentist’s office online or by phone at 910.335.4392.