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Tooth Infection Hampstead, NC

Dr. Lauren Francis and Dr. Rawley Fuller are well-educated dentists that offers emergency dental care for patients who are suffering from various dental concerns and problems. A tooth infection is not something to avoid or ignore. It will never go away on its own without proper treatment from a dentist. Dr. Francis or Dr. Rawley can provide treatment for a tooth infection in Hampstead, NC.

We offer treatment for a tooth infection in Hampstead, NC

What Causes a Tooth Infection?

Your mouth is exposed to hundreds of bacteria every day. While most are harmless, some can lead to infections. The structure of a tooth is designed to prevent harmful bacteria from entering the innermost part of the tooth. However, if a tooth is compromised in any way, then the tooth can become infected.

There are many things that can compromise a tooth. If you have a cavity that is left untreated, it can become very deep. Gum disease can create very deep pockets along the gum line. A tooth with a crack or large chip can easily let in bacteria. Essentially, any trauma, damage, or decay to the outside of the tooth will allow bacteria to enter the tooth and cause an infection. For more information on how we diagnose and treat gum disease, please see Periodontal disease treatment.

How Will I Know If I have a Tooth Infection?

A tooth infection will affect the tooth nerve, tissues, and blood vessels. In most cases, it will cause inflammation and is very painful. Other signs of a tooth infection include:

  • Aching pain
  • Pain or discomfort when biting or chewing
  • Sensitivity to hot and cold foods and drinks

The most important thing to realize about a tooth infection is that it will not go away on its own just like any bacterial infection. Sometimes patients feel pain and then it disappears. However, the infection is present. It is likely that the tooth nerve has simply died so you just do not feel the pain.

Treatment for a Tooth Infection in Hampstead, NC

Professional dental care is a must for a tooth infection. There are no home remedies that will cure it. In fact, if left untreated by your dentist, the infection will continue to spread to other parts of your body. The sooner you contact our dental office, to more likely it is we can save your tooth and keep the infection under control.

If the infection is contained to the center of your tooth, then your dentist will perform a root canal treatment. Root canal therapy is a conservative treatment option to treat a tooth infection and save a tooth.

Your dentist will first drill a small hole in the tooth allowing them to access the inside chamber. They are equipped with special tools that will allow them to pull out the infected tissue from inside the tooth. Once they complete that, the dentist will clean out and disinfect the inside of the tooth. A special material called gutta-percha is used to fill in the root canals. Then the tooth is sealed shut. After a root canal, most patients will need a dental crown to protect the tooth and prevent further damage.

Call Seaside Family & Cosmetic Dentistry as soon as possible if you think you have a tooth infection. Our dental team offers treatment for a tooth infection in Hampstead, NC. You can reach our office at 910-335-4392 or you can request an appointment online by filling out the form.