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Periodontal Disease Treatment Hampstead NC

Do your gums bleed when you brush and floss? Are your gums sensitive?

Bleeding and sensitive gums are signs of gingivitis or gum inflammation. Gingivitis is an early stage of gum disease or periodontitis. Periodontitis is caused by bacteria that collects around teeth. Bacteria can become plaque, a sticky film that irritates the gums. Dr. Michael Weis provides periodontal disease treatment at Seaside Family and Cosmetic Dentistry in Hampstead, NC. Periodontal therapy is a restorative dental solution that removes plaque from the gums and helps reverse damage caused by gum disease.

Treat Gum Disease in Hampstead, North Carolina

Symptoms of Gum Disease

Gum disease begins relatively harmlessly but can progress quickly. Common signs of gum disease include:

  • Bleeding gums
  • Swollen and tender gums
  • Gum sensitivity
  • Halitosis (bad breath)
  • Shifting teeth
  • Receding gum line
  • Loose teeth

Preventative dental care can reverse gum disease in its earliest stages. Floss and brush your teeth at home and visit our office for biannual routine visits to prevent gum disease from worsening. Our dental hygienists provide a deep clean during these visits and are able to catch signs of gum disease early on.

Treatments for Gum Disease

There are multiple effective treatments for patients with gingivitis or periodontitis:

  • Antibacterial Rinses: We can provide you antibacterial rinses in our office or as a take-home treatment. These rinses minimize bacteria in the mouth to keep gum disease at bay. Patients with gingivitis benefit from this early preventative treatment as it reduces gum irritation, bleeding, and swelling.
  • Scaling and Root Planing: Treatments used in tandem, scaling and root planing remove bacteria from around the teeth and beneath the gums. Scaling removes tartar, which is hardened plaque, beneath the gums. Root planing cleans plaque off of the roots of the teeth. This treatment can help the teeth reattach to the gums and prevent further recession. Our office can also perform these treatments at routine appointments.
  • Dental Lasers: Laser dentistry can use light and heat to remove gum infections. Dental lasers remove bacteria from the gums and reduce symptoms like bleeding and swelling. Lasers can also contour the gums and remove infected tissue easily and without pain.

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Are you noticing early signs of gum disease? Have you missed your biannual checkup?  Schedule a consultation with Dr. Weis and his team online. You may also call Seaside Family and Cosmetic Dentistry for an appointment today at 910-335-4392.