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Hampstead, NC, Dentist Office Technology

Seaside Family & Cosmetic Dentistry wants you patient experience to be exceptional. We use advanced digital technology for improved diagnostics and more predictable results. For your health and safety, our office follow all recommended guidelines and uses an Airflow system during your dental cleaning to maximize results and minimize exposure to airborne contaminants.

airflow for dental cleaning

Airflow® System

The Airflow Prophylaxis system is used when performing your dental cleaning. Using a handheld device, our dental care team can gently remove tartar and plaque without scraping the teeth for a more comfortable experience. This state-of-the-art system cleans and polishes your teeth simultaneously.

Modern Dental Technology

Our office uses the latest technology to help diagnose and treat our patients. These effective tools assist our team in taking a closer look at problem areas in the mouth and providing an accurate impression of the teeth and gums:

Digital x-rays: Digital x-rays create detailed images of the teeth and gums so that we can easily diagnose dental problems. Because these x-rays are digital, we can easily share them with oral surgeons or specialists. They are also safer than traditional methods as they give off 80% less radiation.

Intraoral cameras: Small intraoral cameras allow our team to view different angles of the mouth so we can get a better view of each patient’s dental problems. These images are projected on a monitor so we can show them to our patients in real-time. Intraoral cameras are a key aspect of patient education.

Digital impressions: Traditional dental impressions are made of a thick putty material that is messy and uncomfortable to use. Digital impressions are an alternative for patients that uses a handheld scanning camera to capture digital impressions. Like digital x-rays, these impressions can be saved and shared with local dental labs or surgeons.