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Why Try Botox This Winter

You might think of winter as a time to cover up your skin against harsh chilly weather. But now could be the perfect time to treat your skin with Botox treatment from your dentist’s office.

Your dentist is an expert in the structure of your face along with your mouth, making them an ideal provider of facial rejuvenation with Botox. This medicine can help the aesthetics of your smile while also treating fine lines and wrinkles on the face. You can even experience oral health benefits after Botox treatment.

You do not have to wait until the weather turns warmer to treat your skin to Botox. Read on to learn more details about why winter makes for a prime time to pursue facial Botox.

Why Try Botox This Winter

Plan Ahead Before a Special Occasion

The skin is designed to stretch with ease and then bounce back to its original shape without issue thanks to the natural proteins it contains. However, your skin can produce fewer of these proteins as you age, and then your skin can lose its elasticity over time. Then moving the skin on your face as you chew or smile could lead to wrinkle formation.

Botox treatment uses an injection of a mild paralytic to prevent excess movement within targeted muscles on the face. It stops the muscles from unconsciously overworking so that you do not form new fine lines and wrinkles.

The medication can also reduce the appearance of existing aesthetic concerns on the face. Your dentist can administer this treatment on the forehead, near the mouth, or by the corners of the eyes.

You can notice some immediate effects directly after your Botox procedure. But the full benefits of Botox develop over the course of one or two weeks. So if you intend to correlate your Botox treatment with a special occasion, you should schedule a dental appointment now.

This way, you can achieve maximum skin enhancement before your planned event. Botox will last for three to five months, so talk to your dentist about this treatment as soon as you can to ensure they are available.

Winter Weather Enhances Botox Recovery

You might see some slight redness at the injection site after receiving Botox, but this will fade quickly. But cold weather during winter can help reduce the chances of experiencing other side effects related to Botox, including swelling and irritation.

To ensure Botox works properly, your dentist will ask you to avoid direct sunlight and sweating, which can aggravate healing skin. This is easier to do during the cooler temperatures of wintertime. You can sweat less naturally, and the cold will encourage you to shield your skin. Plus, the sun will produce less harsh UV rays at this time of year.

Experience less stress as you recover from Botox treatment by booking an appointment this winter. Learn more about procedure expectations, aftercare advice, aesthetic benefits, and more by giving your dentist a call today.