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Do I Need a Dental Crown?

A dental crown is a ceramic cap that a dentist builds on a custom basis for a patient. The cap will fit over the entire surface of a tooth, establishing a shield over the tooth. It serves to restore a tooth’s structure, health, and appearance in the wake of many forms of damage.

Though dental crowns prove highly beneficial for your teeth, you might feel more confident in this treatment when you know more details about its advantages. Read on to discover three of the many oral health benefits that dental crowns can bring to your smile.

Do I Need a Dental Crown

Restore Damaged Tooth Enamel

Your teeth have a hard outer shell called enamel that serves as a protective layer shielding the vulnerable interior of your teeth. Enamel allows you to chew and tear food without issue, but under high pressures, it can wear down or break.

Enamel will not repair itself, and a damaged dental structure could increase your risk of tooth decay or infections. You will need to seek treatment from your dentist to replace weakened enamel. A reliable way to do this is with a dental crown.

Whether you suffer from long-term dental erosion or acute tooth breakage, a crown can cover damaged enamel to restore a tooth’s health. Then your tooth can remain safe from further harm. The crown can stay in place for fifteen years thanks to its durable ceramic material and cement keeping it on the tooth.

Cover Stubborn Dental Discoloration

If your teeth appear yellow in color or develop dark stains, you might feel self-conscious about your smile. Your dentist can recommend cosmetic dental solutions like teeth whitening to brighten the color of your smile and regain your confidence.

However, not all types of dental discoloration will respond to the bleaching agents in whitening treatment. You may need fixtures like dental crowns to cover stubborn tooth stains and make your smile brighter.

Dentists build crowns on a custom basis for their patients. This way, they can adjust the color of the cap to ensure a beautiful and natural-looking finish. Plus, the crown will resist staining for long-lasting smile enhancement. Find the right targeted and personalized cosmetic dentistry for your unique smile when you schedule a consultation at your dentist’s office.

Support Other Dental Treatments

A dental crown can offer many benefits to your smile as its own individual treatment. But dentists will also use crowns to strengthen and support other dental solutions. For instance, a crown can serve as an ideal prosthetic atop a dental implant if you want to replace one missing tooth.

Your dentist will also complete root canal therapy by placing a crown over the affected tooth to prevent complications. Crowns can also help patients who suffer from advanced tooth decay when a dental filling will not provide adequate restoration. Learn more about what crowns can do for your smile by giving your dentist a call today.