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Enhanced Dental Care with Airflow Technology

Dentistry continues to evolve to provide high-quality oral health care that also prioritizes the comfort of the patient. At Seaside Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, we remain up-to-date with the latest advancements in dental technology and employ the best state-of-the-art equipment to achieve these goals.

When it comes to routine dental cleanings, we offer targeted and minimally invasive tools to maximize preventative dental care thanks to the Airflow Prophylaxis system. This device connects a number of tools to provide comprehensive cleaning for your smile.

Your dentist can explain the benefits of this technology when you schedule your next dental check-up. But you can also discover details about the Airflow Prophylaxis Master and how it can enhance your oral health care when you read on.

Enhanced Dental Care with Airflow Technology

About the Airflow Prophylaxis Master

The Airflow Prophylaxis Master is a machine that offers multiple tools that enhance and fine-tune the dental cleaning experience. This system features three handpieces that address different levels of build-up. The Airflow nozzle cleans plaque and early amounts of tartar, the Perioflow targets build-up within the gum pockets, and the Piezon can remove stubborn tartar and more.

Your dental professional can use these tools to complete a thorough cleaning using one comprehensive machine. This streamlines the cleaning process for a faster experience that will not compromise the quality of your oral health care. Plus, the dentist can easily control the temperature and pressure of the tools from the interface so that all dental patients can feel comfortable.

Modern Devices Improve Preventative Dentistry

Modern advancements in dental technology allow for precision on behalf of the dentists as well as a more positive experience for patients. Dentists can accomplish a more extensive cleaning with more advanced tools. Dentists can provide more comprehensive preventative dental care with this cleaning. Then dental patients can better preserve the look and feel of their smiles.

With less stubborn plaque and tartar on the teeth, dental patients can see a lower chance of weakened tooth enamel. Then their smiles can better resist staining as well as tooth decay. And with tools that target the gum pockets specifically, patients can also reduce their risk of contracting gum disease.

Plus, dental patients can feel more comfortable during the cleaning process without harsh tools that scrape and irritate the gums. Minimally invasive technology will mean that patients can relax more in the care of their dentists.

In the end, this new technology will allow both the dentists and the patients to save time and money. The cleaning can be more complete as well as quicker. Then the patients will be less likely to require restorative work to treat cavities and other dental issues.

Feel confident attending your next dental check-up when your dentist uses the best equipment possible, like the Airflow Prophylaxis Master. Ask your dentist about other dental technology, like x-ray imaging and digital impressions, that can ensure you receive optimal oral health care by giving the dentist’s office a call today.